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Keeping it live and local. Weekly art, culture and entertainment broadcasting for Leicestershire and Rutland’s most popular radio station.

The Beeb

BBC Radio Leicester is the BBC’s local radio station covering Leicestershire and Rutland. It has nearly 170,000 weekly listeners. It broadcasts a mix of local news, information, conversation, music and entertainment.

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My work with the BBC has been a way of connecting with people in my local area during lockdown.

What’s on?

Until recently, you would have heard me every Tuesday evening on BBC Radio Leicester’s The A-word. This show celebrates art and culture across Leicester and Leicestershire. As the programme’s resident What’s On Guru, I presented a run-down of the city’s best art, music and theatre events.

The A-word has been paused since March 2020. In the meantime, I’ve been contributing to Rupal Rajani’s Saturday morning show. My pre-recorded segments share ideas for keeping positive and learning new skills during lockdown.

Listen to an example:


As a regular guest on BBC Radio Leicester, Ruth always has great stories and useful information to share. I love her carefully crafted, upbeat pre-recorded pieces and her calm, positive voice. Listeners have also told me just how much they enjoy her contributions.

Rupal Rajani, BBC Radio Leicester presenter

Writing for radio

Broadcasting is a different discipline than copywriting, but there are plenty of overlaps. In particular, the need to be articulate, clear and concise is vital. And projecting warmth is a must. As such, my radio work has a positive impact on my writing work, and vice versa.

During lockdown, I’ve invested in a home audio studio and editing software. This allows me to record broadcast-quality audio without having to travel to the studio.

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