BACP’s Annual Review 2016-17

December 2017

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Type of work
Annual report

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With its 2016-17 annual review, BACP wanted to go beyond basic legal compliance. Yes, the review needed to be a clear and easily-digestible overview of the year’s activities and their impact. But there was also an appetite to explore the theme of transformation. This would reflect the changes taking place within the organisation and in the counselling profession.

I began by interviewing BACP’s Chair and Chief Executive to draw out key objectives and priorities. I worked with the finance, web and publishing teams at the outset of the project to decide schedules and responsibilities. After gathering content from across the organisation, I collated and rewrote it. I gave the report a clear narrative that focused on the theme of transformation.

As well as writing the report and managing the wider project, I also designed the report. I used a simple, clean layout in line with the recently refreshed brand.

The report was praised by senior managers, governors and members. Our financial auditors, Atkinson Finch & Co, were also impressed. They complimented the clarity and structure of the report compared to those of previous years.

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In these documents, you will see evidence of an organisation committed to evolution and improvement. We’ve been working in the background to make vital infrastructure changes, while collaborating on an unprecedented scale with our members and other organisations.

These activities will enable us to better support our members throughout their professional careers. They also set the stage for an association that is better placed to champion the value of counselling to governments, policy makers and the public.


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