We need to talk about poo

March 2019

Practical Action

Type of work
Award entry

Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. The Bond International Development Awards showcase the sector’s most inspiring and forward-thinking work. The Collaboration Award recognises the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within and across disciplines to tackle difficult issues. My brief was to write an award entry that highlighted what is possible when diverse organisations and sectors come together to achieve a shared goal.

The application focused on Practical Action’s transformation of human waste management in Bangladesh. For the written application, I concentrated on the elements of the project that demonstrated collaboration at every level. This was a last-minute application, so I had to quickly grasp the complexities of the project and communicate the most relevant aspects of it clearly and persuasively. As well as writing the application, I contributed to the script of the short video – We need to talk about poo – that we produced to accompany our entry. I also provided the narration.

Practical Action was announced as Winner of the Collaboration Award at the Bond International Development Awards ceremony on 18 March 2019.


Adequate sewage disposal is a basic human need, but many people lack it. We collaborated with communities, local authorities, national governments and international experts to change this. Together with our partners, we’re transforming the management of human waste for people living in city slums in Bangladesh and across the world.


“We wanted to hear from organisations that have successfully worked together on a project with a mix of organisations and individuals – for instance, local entrepreneurs, governments, funders, the private sector, consultants, academics or researchers.”