The Counselling Living Room

April 2019

The Counselling Living Room

Type of work
Website and social media copy

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The Counselling Living Room is a private therapy practice in Hertfordshire run by Indira Chima. An experienced counselling professional and speaker, Indira was looking to freshen up the copy on her website and social media profiles so that it was more reflective of her personal values and those of her very successful counselling business. She also needed new terms and conditions and a privacy policy that were compliant with the new data protection and GDPR laws.

During a couple of informal exploratory sessions, Indira and I talked about her business philosophy and objectives. We identified her key messages and audiences and looked at the performance of different areas of her website. I then created fresh copy for The Counselling Living Room’s home, services and about pages as well as offering advice on page layout and navigation. I also overhauled the company’s LinkedIn profile to reflect its refreshed identity.

The Counselling Living Room aspires to be professional, welcoming and solution-focused. My approach to rewriting the company’s copy was to highlight these brand values while providing clarity about the services that were on offer and maximising the SEO potential of the content. As with all my projects, I took a collaborative approach and encouraged Indira to give frequent critical feedback on draft text and suggestions.

The end result was refreshed copy that was in-keeping with the philosophy of The Counselling Living Room and provided clarity and reassurance to potential clients. And terms and conditions and a privacy policy that offered clients and website users reassurance that their data was being processed sensitively and lawfully.


I love what I do. Every day I see the positive impact that my work has on my clients’ lives. I feel proud to dedicate my working life to a profession that is a powerful force for personal growth and social change.

Counsellors are a varied bunch. We have each found our way to the profession through different personal journeys. In my case, my career began in the world of business and commerce, where I worked with people whose companies were in trouble and helped them make improvements to become more successful.

Over time I found I was drawn more towards helping the people themselves.


“I struggled to convey the sense of how I worked as a therapist or counsellor in a way that was punchy and creative. Thanks to Ruth, I now have professional profiles and website copy that help me to stand out from the crowd and deliver my point of difference in a clear and succinct way. Clients often say that they chose me on the basis of my website and professional profiles and I couldn’t have achieved that without Ruth’s help.”

Indira Chima
Owner, The Counselling Living Room